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Aloha GACH members,

2015 is shaping up to be a blockbuster year. New members of the State Legislature are beginning to see GA in Hawaii as an untapped resource for growth. GA provides the springboard for all segments of Military Aviation and the Airline Industry, the State’s two biggest economic engines. Tourism in Hawaii does not exist without airliners and the airlines need mechanics, pilots and service members of all kinds to keep the steady flow of tourists coming, and that process starts with a first flight and exposure to aviation through GA. Due to the shortage of qualified aircraft mechanics in Hawaii the starting wage has jumped to $28 dollars an hour, making aviation one of the last places a good blue-collar job can be found with a nominal 2-year investment in schooling.

Several bills are in the works to help decouple the criminal penalties from minor infractions of the Hawaii Revised Statutes, which regulate our airports. Bills are also being introduced to help provide transparency on the hangar lease and airport property lease programs, a process currently shrouded in mystery grinding Kalaeloa development to a halt. We have had 2 ditchings with all-onboard surviving, proving once again that preparation before you go is the most important key to a successful ditching, and more importantly, staying out of the water in the first place. Preferential Routing Information is now available HERE. The application for the Tweet Coleman Aviation Scholarship is also available HERE. The deadline for the scholarship is April 2015, so please take a look at it soon!

Our next GACH event will be at HNL March 14, 2015, our annual pancake breakfast fly-in, check out our announcement at

Cheers, tailwinds and we’ll see you for pancakes!
Harry Greene, GACH President

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