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Kapolei, HI 96707

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The General Aviation Council of Hawaii, Inc. (GACH), a non profit organization, shall

GACH is open to all aviators from Hawaii who are Federal Aviation Regulated Part 91, 135, 141 operators or who are Student Pilots, Sport Pilots, Recreational Pilots, Private Pilots, Commercial Pilots, Air Transport Pilots, or Certified Flight Instructors, and fly airplanes, rotorcraft, gliders, lighter-than-air, power parachute, weight-shift-control aircraft, and power-lift aircraft or who support aviation in Hawaii.

If you want your voice heard, want aviation safety improved in Hawaii, educate people about Hawaii aviation, and to ensure Hawaii aviation grows, please fill out the GACH membership application and mail to: General Aviation Council of Hawaii (GACH), PO Box 75623, Kapolei, Hawaii 96707. Membership is at the individual, family, or business levels.


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